Long-time Southcoast String User… My experience with alternatives


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Jul 16, 2009
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Central Arkansas
Well… like many here, I miss Mr. Dirk Wormwood and his amazing strings. It’s a real shame that no one bought his business or his family didn’t continue.
That said, I bought up 10 sets before they were gone plus the sets Dirk would send me to test from time to time. I enjoyed talking with him and his immense knowledge of uke strings and what they could do.

So, I’ve been searching for alternatives. Right now I’m trying the high G Oasis set on a Kala Contour Acacia Tenor. At first they were awful, I thought, but after they stretched for two days and settled in, they are getting louder and firmer and are playing well. No squeaking or the wrong feel yet. Not quite as firm of tension or as loud as my ukes with Southcoast Medium low or high G sets.

Next I’m going to try the D’Addario set.

I’ve tried Worth browns and clear. I currently have low G Worth Browns on my Kala Super Tenor Koa and they are lovely and warm, but not very loud and an ever so slight squeak under the picking fingers.

More as I research, hope it can help someone else missing Southcoast.

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