Looking for a uke with more projection...suggestions?

@Ukecaster :
This was only a no-nonsense suggestion from my part. I'm not affiliated in any way with Aquila and can only speak from my own experience.
On the other hand, Mimmo Peruffo, boss of Aquila, is a well respected member on this forum for a very good reason : he is not always bragging about his products, and acknowledges every negative comment just to improve his products. He is never hiding his failures, his doubts or his technical issues. I don't know other professionals with such honesty; do you ?

The first batch of his "sugar" strings were awfully squeaking, he listened to consumers and came up with a second formula much less squeaking, but, still, some players were not convinced.
He worked hard to find new solutions, and the new "sugars" are not squeaking anymore, unless your hand sweat is excessivily acid, which can occur, but don't blame the strings anymore.

And they are really far louder than any other strings I've tried ; it's just a matter of fact.
As for me, I don't use them anymore because I prefer the more subtle "reds", which are more suited to the music I play (early and baroque fingerstyle) — so this point is just to convince everyone that I'm not trying to sell snake's oil, I'm just trying to help O.P. who wants more gut, power and projection...

I think it makes sense to try "louder" strings first, before buying a new instrument or a pick-up and an amp, but to each his own.
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I put tenor strings on a baritone (tuned like a tenor) and the bigger body gave more projection and sounded awesome. It is a spruce top which also helped.
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