looking for Outdoor Ukulele(TM) ukes for students to borrow

Uncle Rod Higuchi

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Jul 13, 2009
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Seattle, WA
I sometimes teach students who do not have their own ukuleles.
I have a few Enya Concert ukes for them to borrow.
I have recently become enamored with the Outdoor Ukulele(TM)
as a classroom ukulele. It is easy to play due to its set up and
very durable because of its build and materials.

Please PM me if you have an Outdoor Ukulele(TM) you may be
willing to sell me.


Uncle Rod Higuchi
Seattle, WA
Hello Rod,

I can't help with the outdoor ukulele, but I did recently receive an Enya Nova Uke with a little cosmetic imperfection on the back. Enya sent me a replacement, and I was going to send the other one back until I saw this post. I contacted them and asked if they would be opposed to me donating this to your class rather than sending it back, and they were happy to help. So, if you'd like a white Enya Nova Uke for the class, I have a free one for you just a little north of Seattle. Please contact me if you're interested!!
PM sent!

Thanks, and as I have a short day today, Wed the 13th, and will be attending the weekly STRUM session tonight
in Shoreline, and since my 6 mile commute (one way) barely warms the engine, and I need a 'long' highway speed
run today, please let me know where and when and I'll try to make it up there this afternoon.

Do I sound desperate? No, just excited! :)

Thanks, again,
Thanks again, maddogsauce! so good to meet you and thank you on behalf of my students!

Everyone, with regard to any OU ukes, either size, Soprano or Tenor, will work for my class.
Even if it's broken, please contact me as I might still be interested... really :)

Thanks, everyone, for considering my request.

keep uke'in',

BTW, I'll be traveling to HNL Nov 20 -25th to attend the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii
Luthier Event at the Bishop Museum, and hoping to participate in any kanikapilas
that break out at the event :) Eric and Chontel Klobas, founders of STRUM, will
also be making the trip but actually leaving this Sat the 16th (lucky them!).
anyway, if any of you UUers make it to the event, please look us up and join in
when the kanikapilas begin. STRUM will have a few Hawaiian Songbooks as well
as our Holiday Songbooks for variety. :)
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