Looking for supporting instrumentalist in/near Orange County, CA area for paid gig 4/21 at Anaheim Convention Center


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Jul 23, 2020
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Orange County, CA, USA
Hey musician friends and friends of musicians, open call for somebody who can instrumentally jam by ear with me, preferrably somebody who can loop as well, for a 3 hour paid gig Sun 4/21, from 12-3pm. We'll be performing background music at Anaheim Convention Center. You also get per diem for lunch, 30 minutes to solo your own music, video with clean audio of our set, and featured on our IG posts for the event. Audio equipment provided. Just need your instrument, pedals and cables. DM if interested. Any friends of friends DM and drop a comment so I don't miss you.

If I haven't played with you before, we'll need to have a jam sesh ahead of time to see if our music vibes. If we vibe, there will be more opportunities for performing together.

Check this link for the music you'll be jamming with. Mahalo for your attention and support!

Oléha Sample Music
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I don't know him personally, but I have been a fan for decades. Troy Fernandez is gigging in SoCal these days.
Thank you. I'll look him up!

Edit: Just looked him up. Based on his location, I don't think the pay offered will be worth his time. Mahalo for the suggestion tho. Good looking out!
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