Looking to Trade? Amazing Super Minty Kanile'a Tenor for a Super Minty Kamaka Concert

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Dec 15, 2017
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Hey All!

This is a tough call but I'm looking to trade this gorgeously amazing (pretty much brand new very little play and not a mark on it!) Kanile'a Tenor (in both looks and sound) with mint Ohau hard case for a (2011-2018) Kamaka Concert that's equally minty with a just as minty Kamaka hard case. ;)

Why the specific build time frame?

1. Mainly because I have both a Kamaka Tenor and Soprano built in 2011 and love the way they sound and feel. I have other (older builds) Kamaka's that I don't gravitate to as much as they were constructed heavier/thicker overall vs the 2011 builds that I own. So, I would assume that from 2011 till now they were/are constructed relatively the same in terms of with minor changes...

2. I have recently played a 2018 Kamaka Concert and really like the current build and planetary tuners as well.

Why am I parting with this amazing Kanile'a?

As you have read above you might be able to tell I am a Kamaka kind of guy! ;) While I may feel that Kanile'a wins (not by much) in overall build feel. I just really prefer (to my ears) the overall sound of a Kamaka.

I baby all my instruments and care highly about keeping them healthy, clean and minty!

It's a K-1T but I think you may agree it was mislabeled missing DLX=DELUXE!!! because man look at that KOA! the KOA shimmers, it has a really subtle flaming that when viewed at certain angles it looks like fire! And a finish like a mirror!

Originally purchased and setup from HMS! Build date is 10/2014 (just turned 4!) ;)

Here's a preview.
1.jpg 2.jpg

Check it out in all it's glorious high rezy-ness here along with video showing off the figure/grain and pretty flaming and even a sound sample!

Thank you for your interest! Please message me if you have my next Kamaka! ;)
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Wow- that is gorgeous! Sure wish it was a concert. Good luck finding what you are looking for.
Hey all!

I have added a couple pics to the listing for a preview (as I had forgot to take one when I first listed and with my user name and date) and I also uploaded better photo's that really capture the beauty of this tenor and 2 video's! One showing off the amazing figure/grain/flaming in different angles live and a sound sample (a first for me). I added them to my google drive link above in the original post listing.

Any question please let me know! :)

Thanks so much!
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