No longer available Looking to Trade for a Magic Fluke Flea Concert and a 38mm Wide Nut Concert

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Stevenson Alabama


Feb 25, 2024
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I got my first ukulele 5 months ago and fell in love.

I have a condition in my fingers that severly limits my mobility on a fretboard and I have been looking for my perfect ukulele.

I believe I have norrowed it down to the Concert size with a wide nut as that is what seems to be the easiest for me to work with and fits my fingers the best. At least that I can tell so far, who knows for sure... lol.

There are some chords that are just going to be impossible for me on any size uke, but it seems I have the best shot at most of them on a wide nut concert uke.

I have built a fairly nice collection of ukes in the low to mid range price point. We are located well over an hour away from the closest music stores and I have not found much in the way of ukuleles to see in person. So I have just been buying good deals and trading for ukes I wanted to try. Really hoping to find some trades so I don't have to put cash out.. I would certainly consider real good cash price. I am hoping to start posting the ones I need to sell or trade tonight, but if not will definitely start posting them tomorrow.

I am wanting a Magic Fluke Concert and a Flea Concert. Especially the Flea concert. I absolutely love my Flea sopranos but I seem to chord easier on concert. I would love to find one with a wood fretboard. I will consider laminate, solid tops, or a decked out Koa or Spruce.

I am also looking for an amazing sounding solid wood concert with a 38mm nut. Might even consider the right 37mm nut with a chunky neck, but not any thinner. I already have a couple of outstanding concerts with 35mm nuts. I am only looking for a very wide nut concert uke.

I have been trying to research concert ukes with a 38mm nut width. If you have any recommendations of certain brands or ukes, please feel free to share.

I am located outside of Stevenson Alabama. I travel a lot in Alabama Georgia and Tennessee and can go a lot further. I would love to find in person trades but shipping is possible for a well recognized member with references. (Problem is I'm new to the forum and I haven't even bought a uke off of here yet, I do have one reference through Reverb and several through Facebook Marketplace I could provide.) We will work it out for the right uke. You just contact me if you have what I'm looking for... lol.


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You might consider a Kala Elite concert. Kala's Elite line are built in California, and are exceptional. I briefly had an Elite tenor. It played and sounded wonderful, but the wide nut wasn't for me.
I have been eyeing the Kala Elite concert but haven't came across a real good deal or a trade on one, yet...

My favorite concert that I have right now is a Kala ASAC solid acacia, but I have a cheap donner concert with a 38 mm nut and it seems it is easier for me to grip the neck and chord on. I ordered the ASAC after I traded for a SA Baritone and was so impressed with its build and sound quality I had to have the concert size when I found I was not able to chord a large amount of chords on the Bari. I chose the ASAC instead of the SA because of the Rosewood binding over Maple. The Kala Bari has a 38mm nut but the concert is 35mm. I still love it but I would like to try a great sounding 38mm concert. I don't like the sound of the Donner enough to keep playing it, lol.

Thank you for the recommendation.
I sent you a message. I do have exactly what you are looking for - concert Magic Fluke with mahogany top, peg hed tuners and hardwood fretboard. It sounds quite lovely. Feel free to contact me. Warmly, Pam
Thank yall for the input.

KoAloha is definitely on my must have list.

Even a wide nut with regular string spacing is intriguing to me. It might help keep my hands out of the A string... I have to play with my fingers balled up and I constantly have to work to keep from buzzing the A
Koaloha concerts have a 1.5" nut. They are pretty expensive, but sound great. I don't know what's in stocks now, but Mike at Uke Republic in Austell Georgia carries Koaloha. The sopranos also have a 1.5" nut.
I plan to get down to Uke Republic this next week just so that I can put my hands on some different ukes!

Thank you
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