Loose pick up jack socket


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Sep 8, 2021
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This instrument has a loose jack. My daughter and I cant figure out how to tighten it. She’s got small hands, but the nut is so small it’s impossible to get a grip, and we don’t have a special tool. Any ideas, or does it need to go to the shop?

This is a Kala Ubass, but the problem isn’t specific to uke basses. This is an early model and does not have a removable back panel.
Wiggy makes a good point there, UkeOkay. I have used the long portion of a small "allen wrench," running through the two little holes in the jack, to keep the jack from twisting or rotating as I tighten the nut, so as to avoid having any of the jack's wires on the inside of the uke sustain damage due to tugging or pulling.
Not to get too deep in the weeds here, UkeOkay, but on a somewhat related subject, it will sometimes happen that your jack will continue to feel loose even after you've tightened up the nut as far as it will go. For what it's worth, I'm going to paste in, below, a comment that I posted in another thread not long ago, which talks about that issue. I'm honestly not all that handy on these things, but the following reflects my experience on that...

"On the issue of the spinning endjack (and I'm not very good at trying to explain this, I admit), as I recall, the primary piece of the output jack (I usually refer to it as the "shaft", or the "barrel") has a smooth, thicker portion, followed by a threaded, slightly thinner portion (this second portion being the portion that protrudes to the outside of the uke and is capped with an external nut and then the final "strap collar."

The key to preventing a spinning jack is to make sure that the barrel is initially placed and adjusted (inside the uke, via the internal nut and toothed washer) in such a way that a few of the threads on that second, thinner portion of the barrel remain INSIDE the body of the uke. If all of those threads are allowed to protrude through to the outside, you may not get a very tight grip when you twist on the external nut (followed by the strap collar), because the external nut may twist the full length of the protruding threads but yet still not be sufficiently snug to the body of the uke to stay put.

So, if you're experiencing some looseness with the jack, it's possible that you may need to get back in there and re-adjust the position of the barrel so that a few of those threads on the thinner part of the barrel remain inside the uke.

I don't know if this is going to be helpful for you, but I hope it might!"
This is not my instrument, so I’ll be sure to pass along this tidbit of advice. Thanks.
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