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Happened to see this one listed if anyone is in the market

This one has been up for a bit. Unfortunately it has a crack in the top which is probably scaring off buyers. They need to drop the price more to get it to move.
Sometimes you see those instruments that sit for ages with the seller hoping maybe someday. It looks like an easy fix if someone was interested. Maybe the buyer would consider someone's offer.
Please add my name to the club! I found out about Donna via the website and went over to her shop for a chat. I thought she was an incredible person and builder so I ordered a Tenor. Its the most basic model in Mahog. I have to say out of all my ukes (8) this one is my fave for both sound and feel. I am lucky to have a couple K ukes from Hawaii, but this Loprinzi sounds the best. Such a pleasure to play. And the idea of having a uke hand made for you and the builder being in Florida close by? That's a dream come true. Im thinking of a baritone now to be honest!
Consider me another fan added to Club Loprinzi.

I recently won a Loprinzi spruce & mahogany custom concert in a raffle held as part of Tampa Bay Ukulele Society’s Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway 2023 Cruise to Cozumel.

I am very enamored with this uke, and I say that as someone accustomed to fine ‘ukulele. Sonically, it’s as if a very fine mbira or music box and a renaissance lute had a child. The uke is an absolute blast.

NUD coming soon. In the meantime, here is a photo:
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