low DGBE tuning on tenor uke: solution


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Apr 20, 2019
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I'm new to the forum and don't know if the answer is already out there but I haven't seen it, and in case anyone else hasn't and wanted to know how to tune a tenor uke to linear DGBE tuning instead of dGBE tuning, guilele or guitalele strings work for me.

I don't enjoy playing instruments larger than guilele but want to play electric guitar songs. For now I'm using my Cordoba 20tm-ce as a 4 string electric until I buy an electric guitalele.

The uke is basically the same size as my Cordoba guilele (Pic attached).

The guilele doesn't have a truss rod so I hoped that the uke could hold its strings. So far so good

I have an extra set of guilele strings, Aquila Red E-E. I don't know the gauge but ukulele Reds are pretty fat. The guilele Red is wound and on the thin side.

My tenor is strung: Aquila Red guilele- D
D'addario classical guitar- G
Freemont blackline bari-tuned tenor- B & E

It sounds great tuned this way.


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I was about to try this myself, rather than buying the Pono baritone i have been lusting after. I have a semi-wound low G that I was going to try dropped to D (other strings would be flourocarbon low G, C tuned down to B and E).

If that doesnt work i understand that a classical guitar A (number 5) would work but it may not gel with the other strings in which case i will have to choose between GCEA and dGBE which i am really struggling with. Unfortunately i am not permitted a large instrument collection.
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