Mad World - Gary Jules

Hmm thanks for the explanations, but I still don't quite understand. When it says "--55--" that means i would pluck twice with my finger on the 5th fret for that particular string?

This is awesome! Great work! Thanks Seeso!!
For singing we can also use the chords Em, G, D, A with some kind of picking. I find it to work pretty well.

It is 1/2 tone below your tab i believe, though.
I've found a couple good versions on youtube. I see they are using Em G D A, like mentioned above. That's the verse at least. Anyway I wanna know how to play the chorus in the the first video and the overall strum pattern in the second video. Anyone got some hints to help my horrible ear?


This is a good video showing how to strum it, at least its the strum that i use. I would tell you how but this video does it better than i can.
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I'm gonna have to play this one out. I love this song! thanks!
Seeso, man...I haven't been on here long, but I've been on long enough to know you tab out the best s**...nice work, and thank you.
I've been wanting to tab this one out for awhile. A song originally by Tears for Fears, "Mad World" gained a new popularity from Gary Jules' cover on the soundtrack of the movie "Donnie Darko."



Hey there,
Is there anyone out there who still have the tabs available?

Reupload pls :confused:
Carlton of Uke of Carl had a great version, but I believe his site has been taken down. One can still hear his version on youtube. There is another version at Mad World pdf. Hope this helps.
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