Mainland Banjo-uke Prototype

No! No rope! Look at that high gloss finish...yum.
That is nice. But sure wish it had a removeable resonator. I like the looks of an open back banjo with added resonator better. It's just more of a "banjo" mentality and feel for me. But, regardless, awesome new addition.
That thing looks and sounds great. I've wanted a banjo uke for years - the first uke related video I saw was of someone playing a banjo uke, and I wanted to get one before realising how expensive they actually were.
Hopefully I'll have the money for one by the time these come out. took me a whole 30 seconds to move past the ""I want" and into the "I need" zone. Mike, will you let us know when these are available?
If that's the price, you'll have the best-selling banjolele in the world. What's closest in price, Gold Tones? They're over $300. Congrats, she's a beauty!

Waverly Street banjoleles go for $259 before shipping (but without the closed back). Great to see that 2 of the best "bang-for-your-buck" banjoleles come from active members on this forum.
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