Mainland Ukuleles.... my ukulele family


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Dec 25, 2009
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I just got my Mainland Mahogany Baritone :) Now I have an orange racing stripe one, a mahogany soprano, a mahogany concert, a cedar Tenor (strung low G), and a mahogany baritone!

I love every one! Customer service at Mainland is amazing... I developed serious baritone UAS on Monday, sent an e-mail about what I was looking for off to the link at and by Wednesday it was here, in a box at my front door! What more can you ask for?

They all sound great and keep me happy! :)

Mainland Family.jpg
Aloha POS,
Don't blame you for Liking Mainlands...they sound great and Mike is a real nice guy...I got only one, but love it to death, couple weeks ago my ukes toppled over and it got a nick...awe awe
Right on, Michelle! How's it coming along?
That's a nice-looking family, thanks for the photo!
One day... Onnnnne day....