Makai MK-90 Soprano w/Bag $90 shipped in the CONUS

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Captain Simian

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Oct 31, 2012
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This model Makai sounds just as good as it looks. A great buy for the money! Highly recommended! Would go for it myself if I didn't have way too many Ukes. Trying to get my UAS under control.
PM sent, a newbie looking to get a first uke!

If you are in the market for a soprano, this is one damned fine little starter uke with one foot in the intermediate range. Ahhh, if I just wanted another soprano, I'd have already snagged it. Love deals like these.
Tried a couple Maki ukes last time I was in Hawai'i - light and a nice sound for the price range.
Great deal if you're looking for an affordable starter uke/ 2nd uke
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