UU Podcast Making Fancy Chords Easy | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #92

Famj7sus2, Capos, and the No Price Limit Ukulele​

This Week Aldrine is demystifying and demonstrating "Fancy Chords" aka "Neal Chords". Aldrine shows his favorite "Easy" Fancy Chords and how you could substitute them in chord patterns. As the podcast progresses, Aldrine dives deeper into the chordal rabbit hole; showing more complex chords, and how you might construct them. After swimming in the depths of chords, the guys answer questions about Capos, Expensive Ukuleles, and how someone can improve their musicality.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:14 We're Live
2:35 What are Neal Chords?
5:45 What are Some Easy Fancy Chords?
9:10 Chord Progressions with Fancy Chords
11:35 minor 7th Chords
13:05 Fancy minor 7th
20:15 Flat 5 Chords
23:45 Aldrine's Favorite Fancy Chord
25:15 Intimidating Chord Names
29:10 What are Capos & Barre Chords?
37:50 Pros and Cons of a Capo
40:45 How to use a Capo with another musician
43:35 What is a good Capo?
46:10 What is a good expensive uke brand?
50:35 Personal preference matters most
56:40 If you could get any ukulele?
59:45 How do I improve my musicality?

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