Martin 620 strings on a Kanile’a tenor


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Dec 20, 2012
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I am thinking of trying Martin 620 strings on my Kanile’a. It is strung with Aquila now. I am looking for some feedback from someone using Martin strings on a Kanile’a. Do you have any issues with nut slot width? How do they sound and feel? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
I have just had some M620's put on my new Kanile'a Tenor. Match made in heaven. This is the fourth Kanile'a I have had - I have always put M620's on them (together with the Fremont low G). No issues and they sound perfect. They are also one of the quickest to settle and stay in tune sets I know of.
Thanks for the information. I put them on and I really like them.
I believe I tried them when I first got my Kanile'a Tenor, but ended up switching them for worth Concert strings which is kind of weird, but I love the sound and tension :) I remember the Martins being very good also.
I'm sure I tried them on my Kanile'a concert, but I found a great match with Living Water...
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