Sold Martin Style 3C Cherry Soprano

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Mar 19, 2008
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Hi All, I was on the hunt for my dream ukulele and posted a wanted to buy thread a few months ago. Someone here helped me locate a NOS (new old stock) one from an authorized dealer that had it there warehouse. I don't recall the date range these were made, but this one, based on the serial #, looks to be from 2014 or 2015.

As you can see, this has a beautiful solid cherry top, sides and back along with the super cool fretboard inlays, binding top and back, and some nice friction tuners. I love the case that comes with these and have whatever tags came with the uke.

This is probably my favorite sounding Martin. It doesn't have a lot of bark, at least in my hands. It has a really pleasant sweet and full tone. Below is a link to a quick and dirty iPhone recorded sound sample.

Why am I selling: I buy/sell too often. I've owned a lot of Martins and replicas and just find myself enjoying the feel of the neck on my Kamaka more, even though I like the sound of this better.

I think the setup outside of the box is as good as any soprano I have had. No buzzing. Action probably right in the middle and super easy to play.

Condition is very very very great with the exception of some strum marks on the upper bouts. I've been trying to learn 12th Street Rag and a variety of strumming techniques that is the culprit. The finish is super thin/satin.

Thanks for looking. Happy to Zoom or answer any questions.

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I remember when you were on the hunt for this. And prior to that time, I had my eye on it. But alas, I have a custom on the way and need to hold onto the $$ for that purchase.

It is a Wow instrument.

That is gorgeous.
That is such a good looking instrument!
GLWS Someone is going to be very happy!
Perhaps I’m not seeing it but what is the price for this Uke?
Haha...I get that feeling urge at least once a week scrolling the marketplace.
I wanted it too 😬
But I was hesitating !
It was me that told you that it was in stock at Willcutguitars !
I was hesitating then also. Not about the uke at all, I live in France and it’s sometime complicated to buy and ship from the US.
It’s also so complicated here to sell a uke to make a room for a new one.
Too late now for this one.
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