UU Podcast Memorizing without SHEET Music | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #112

TAB Appropriate Settings, Building Music Instincts, Correcting “Wrong” Chords​

Is Sheet Music necessary for Memorizing a song? In this Week’s Podcast Aldrine will show you how you can build your Music Instincts; Memorize songs using Numbers and Feelings; and play the “Wrong” Chord while playing the “Right” Song. We’re giving all of our opinions on when it’s appropriate to use and perform with TABS/Sheet Music.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:13 New Intro from Laurei
3:25 WrestleMania
8:25 TAB Appropriate Settings
15:05 Aldrine playing with Sheet Music
18:55 TAB vs Music Notation
22:35 Written Music vs Learning by Ear
24:00 Memorizing Music and Building Your Instinct
26:25 The Chord Family and Characteristics
32:25 Correcting the “Wrong” Chord
33:40 The Relative Minor Chords
37:15 Playing Major and Minor Chords Together
39:15 Memorizing by Numbers
40:50 Memorizing by Feelings
43:25 Playing the Music vs Reading the Music
54:40 Do I need to learn Chord Progressions before feeling the Music?
56:10 Same songs with different chords
1:01:05 Chord Voicings on Ukulele
1:03:00 Local Kauai Ukulele News and Upcoming Festivals
1:10:40 Evan J De Silva and Feng E

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