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Aug 2, 2021
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I posted in another thread that I'm going into the hospital soon and I'll be in for a little over a month. Everything I take in has to be wiped down to be free of any germs or viruses. My uke isn't as nice as some of the ones I see on here, but it's pretty nice for me. I was concerned about what they might use to wipe things down and if it would affect the finish. I've been wanting an Enya Nova Pro for travel for a while but couldn't justify the expense. My wife was on board. Then we went to see the doc to deal with any last questions we might have. I brought up the uke and he said he doesn't think it'd need to be wiped down. I missed it by that much. I was so close and he kicked the legs out from under me. Oh well.
I'm confused... you didn't buy an Enya because it probably wont need to be wiped down for use in hospital?
The uke you have may be fine after a wipe down, unless they use extra virgin olive oil, or its an older uke with a shellac finish, hospital may use alcohol based products (Surgical spirit or Isopropyl Alcohol... Isopropanol) for decontamination and the alcohol will dissolve the shellac, as will acetone.
If you're worried about ruining the finish on any uke you currently own, maybe look for a cheapo in a charity shop or the cheapest ebay has to offer so if the worst happens and the finish is damaged at least the financial loss will be minimal.
I agree with rainbow21, if you order it now it will be waiting for you as a treat for your treatment.

Either way, good luck and I hope your girls are still jamming.
Getting a cheapo option you can donate onwards after may no be a bad plan. I second that vote. Good luck with the whole process, I hope that you feel well enough to uke away all during your treatment and convalescence, and I hope your girls get some chances to jam with you when you're going through the process, too.
Perhaps I’m missing something here but - relatively speaking - an Enya Nova Pro isn’t that expensive so if you can afford one then why not buy one and leave more expensive Ukes safe at home? I’ve several really cheap and physically robust Sopranos that I’ve sorted out such that they play quite well, certainly good enough for picking and strumming in a Hospital (subject to the care staff and other patients being OK with me playing). If it’s going to help your recovery then take a Uke, but don’t take one that you’d be particularly upset about it getting damaged or lost … stuff like that happens. Maybe have the Uke brought in for you by your visitors / wife.
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Get an Enya Nova U Pro Tenor. The acoustic without any electronics is under $150. Direct from Enya.

Buy one that's in stock to make sure it's shipped fast. Call and explain your situation. They may expedite it.

I don't usually like plastic ukes. These sound very good, are comfortable to play and are durable. They even come with strap buttons.

It's worth the investment to keep you sane while you are in the hospital. Huge amounts of boredom between periods of unpleasantness. It will elevate your mood and contribute to your speedy recovery as well.
One of my favorite features about all-plastic ukes is the ability to spray/wipe them down with ethanol (alcohol) for ”aseptic“ situations… I worked in this sort of environment for years in biomedical research.
Am very picky about plastic ukes… The ones I‘ve kept are great & loved. Of all my plastics, my favorite are the Enya Novas (have a concert & 2 sopranos). The curved back allows it to project nicely. The compensated saddle makes the intonation as accurate up the fretboard as my ukes that are 50x as costly.
Best wishes for happy healing &. Uke playing!
I think you need to go ahead and get the Enya Nova Pro. Enjoy and have fun while you're recuperating. Good luck and best wishes!
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