Missing Two Events Today


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Jul 4, 2015
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Catskill Mountains, NY
This is awful! One of my uke groups will be playing at the local Library Fair today, and the other group will be playing at a senior residence an hour later. I've had a bad cold and cough for a week, so I'll have to miss both. I don't have the energy for all that driving and playing, and no one would appreciate my obnoxious coughing. Being sick isn't as much fun as it's cracked up to be. 😔
Sick is great on other people's time. Not so great on weekends, vacations or retirement. Remember those chumps who never took a sick day? Well, I took all of them. Usually if I wasn't sick in a while, I'd tell the boss that I was going to be sick on Friday so they could be prepared.
Hope that you feel better quickly.
Good idea to rest and recover and be able to attend future events.
Lots of people getting Covid here in CA... It's not a dangerous strain but it's back...

I also caught a cold and started feeling bad the day after school let out. I was out of it for and entire week, couldn't hardly leave the house. I never had a cold during the entire Covid pandemic era, and forgot how awful they make us feel. Bummer... and I'm still congested and sleeping poorly...two weeks later...
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