MMMMMMM Steinway Piano Soon.


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Feb 13, 2008
I got my piano, have no idea how I got the price i did but a modern New York build would have been ~30K+

Put a deposit going to have it delivered on Wednesday is a 1920 Steinway 52 Mahogany/Spruce. The case had been refinished ~70%, new hammers, new key tops, new casters, new felt, all original ebony. I think it was a player that was converted at some point. Guy who owns it had ~8 grand Steinway grands in his repair shop being restored this. Pulled the whole case its really nice. Soundboard looks to be 1 inch think high spruce.

Everything else is perfect. The soundboard is great no dents or dings, the rear supports are what look like 6 6x6 ceder posts. But most importantly it just sounds AMAZING like nothing I have ever heard. Its warm and soft and still has a upper end that hits hard. The bass is down a little from what I expected.

Doing the happy dance. But Now I really Really need to sell some ukes.