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Sep 15, 2013
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Being retired for over ten years and keeping occupied with the uke, I visit the New Posts UU forum a couple times a day. Usually there are a couple pages of them, but lately I see more often now, that there are three pages of new posts. To me that means there are more new members, more people picking up the uke.
To me that means there are more new members, more people picking up the uke.

There are cycles to these things, no doubt, but yeah, traffic has doubled-and-a-half in the past year (or, up 150% if you prefer), and the number of new members is also on the rise.

It's a happy thing to see a community grow and thrive despite the headwinds of people preferring apps to the mobile web, the decline in ukulele sales following the pandemic spike, the atrophy of entropy, and the like.

It's also very encouraging to think that a community online for 17 years now has its best days still ahead of it! I've been working with online communities since 1988, and I've not seen anything like it.

Thanks for mentioning it, Mike!
I noticed the increase too, and have had to carve out a much bigger chunk of time each day in order to get through all of the new posts. But it’s a good problem to have, and exciting to see so many new, enthusiastic members.
I am one of these new members, and I like that this is still an active forum other forums about other topics. That interest me too, are mostly non existant or very inactive. I wish there were other large forums like this for the other instruments I play.
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