Most popular ukes today.

.....and I'm the proud owner of the 1920s Oscar Schmidt in the blog links! :drool:

... top ten has Makala and no Martin.

And to think I wasted a mouse click.


Popularity, not quality.

KoAloha and Kamaka are above Kala... and I doubt that the majority of uke players are playing those. He does very fairly state that if you feel your brand is left out that you can add it to the mix.
Undoubtedly the most pointless list I've ever seen. About anything.

However, if you'd like to check out my blog I review my ALL-TIME top 10 favourite brands of toilet paper. You will be genuinely "moved" by the results.
I think the list "is what it is" but I think that type of list would be a lot more useful if people listed the worst ukuleles they had. I have played 9 out of 10 of those brands and of the nine I have played I don't think many people would be too disappointed receiving one of almost any brand listed as a gift. (I wouldn't be and my birthday is in November)
Well, it really is a little pointless. Of course there are more inexpensive ukuleles sold than expensive ones, and mass manufacturers with fifty different models that are available in every music store will sell more units than a smaller place that sells regionally or online. If a list like that came from, say, HMS, based on actual sales figures, I think it'd be interesting (mostly to see how comparable brands do in relation to each other), but random people (a self-selected group at that) posting their favorite uke, of which they may only have one or two, is meaningless. If Jon made a list like that, based on his first hand experience with five hundred and seventy-two different ukuleles, that would be meaningful!

I like the idea of posting one's worst ukulele, but the problem would be the same. Of mine, I would probably name the Stagg concert, but it was still a €130 ukulele that is objectively a lesser instrument than my Barron River or the KoAloha that's on the way, but it's not a terrible instrument (and would be quite good if it had had proper setup right out of the box). It just doesn't compare to instruments almost ten times as costly.
I don't think the problem lies in number of Kalas v the number of Kamakas sold (for example) The problem is the sample size of about 50 people total as well as the unclear rating system. (there are actually twice as many Kamakas listed as Kalas currently) And people who rate may not have played all brands.

The list is for fun it is our choice to take it or leave it, add to it or ignore it. :)

It also looks like Mya Moe has been gaining in the last few hours.
Yesssss! (Reaches up, grabs air in fist, pulls down).

I always knew KoAlohas were better than Kamakas. Now with that list, I have irrefutable proof.
I don't really see the list as pointless, because the point is that it is based solely on the ratings on the Ukulele Hunt website. So, for fans of that site it's just another fun bit of information.

FWIW, Uke Hunt and Gotta Ukulele were both important parts of my decision making process before I bought my Fluke. I read lots and lots of reviews...

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