Moving to Honolulu! Ack!


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Oct 6, 2010
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Honolulu, HI, USA
Well, as mentioned in another thread, I interviewed for a couple jobs with the State of Hawaii a few weeks ago. I wasn't really expecting much, but, last night I got a call.

It's not official-official yet, but the one right in downtown Honolulu told me that once the background checks go through, they'll be making me a offer!

So, now I just have to...sell everything. And find somewhere to live, and, and....ack!
OK, overlooking the 'ack', we're envious!

Congratulations... I hope you pass the 'background checks' :)

Do you know WHEN this might take place? Will we be seeing you at the Ukulele Festival in July?

keep uke'in',
The "Ack!" is due to me having to sell off virtually everything I own. :p House, Car, Ukes, Furniture, etc, etc.

I will pass the checks, I'm a good boy. It's just a matter of how long it takes. I suspect I should be there in July, but nothing is concrete yet.
shipping your car to Oahu..Approx.. $1000.00 I did it in Feb..from San Francisco..Should be same prices..
Ho'omaika'i 'Ana . . . hoping everything goes well.
Congratulations on the almost-official offer! Your life is likely to be tumultuous for a while, but you're going to end up on O'ahu and I'm guessing you're going to love being there once all the tumult subsides.
Congratulations on the almost-official offer! Your life is likely to be tumultuous for a while, but you're going to end up on O'ahu and I'm guessing you're going to love being there once all the tumult subsides.

Hey Mark..

the whole key when you move or come on Vacation in hurry up and go as fast as you can to "slow down" and is truly an art..and the secret..

many people come here on vacation with a huge list what to do..which is ok..but don't let that list get in the way of what is right in front of you..they don't want to miss anything,but they miss everything..haha

lived in Northern Calif over 30 back home and very happy and relaxed..

my 2 cents
Congratulations and good luck! I hope your move goes smoothly. :) Very jealous, by the way!
Congratulations Chap!
I just did the move in November 2011. Cars are expensive here, so if your car is in good shape, it would be worth the $1000 to send it via Matson. Mine was $1030 from Long Beach.
20' container from Matson was also around $1000. We put our 2-bedroom place in the container and had some room left over.

Note: THERE IS NO IKEA IN HAWAII! So, if you have some furniture that you like, send it over - you might find it is cheaper to spend $1000 shipping your stuff over instead of selling everything at a loss and then buying more expensive stuff to replace it.

We found our place online and had my wife's mom go look at the place for us. Go to and look for rentals. Also that way you might have a place until you find your home to buy, but you might find what you are looking for right away, you never know. We are still renting right now, but home to be able to buy a home soon.

Keep in touch, and let me know if you need anything! It is exciting, you're going to love it!
Thanks! I have been browsing the listings, the only thing that really concerns me (other than the prices), is the fact that there aren't many pet-friendly places. I know it's a challenge getting pets over there, but it's looks like it's going to be tough to find a place that will let me have them once I do!

So, what might we look forward to seeing pop up in the Marketplace? :D

Gah...well, as much as I hate to say it, you'll probably see my favorite, Mya-Moe #541. Other than that, There's a 1920s Martin S0 that I recently got in trade. It's freaking awesome, but I'm needing funds more than ukes. Then there's a Kala travel concert that's been signed by a few performers (jake, lil rev, ralph shaw). My "extra" uke collection has already been thinned down quite a bit.

On the other hand, if anyone's within shouting distance of Olympia, WA, and needs furniture, housewares, computers, etc. Let me know. :p
Congrats! Sounds wonderful. Keep one ukulele, though. You are moving to Hawaii.

You don't necessarily need to keep a uke. The last time I was there they had lots!! :) :)
Congratulations! I'm sure the move feels more than a little daunting right now, but how exciting! Hope you can hang on to at least one treasured uke.
Aloha Chappie,
Woo hoo Congrats well almost....thank you for sharing the great news....hope all goes well with your background checks...yup get a container and get ready to pack up...
things are very expensive in hawaii....
They DO let you take Mya-Moes to Hawaii. I've seen them there.

Yeah, but seriously, I will be probably be needing the money more than I need the Mya Moe...and I do still have a Flea. (Can't give that up, my Mom painted it) It may all depend on how well my garage sale goes.
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