Mr Sandman - Instrumental

That was great. Nice intro, it was spot-on. Even if it didn't have the title I could tell what song it was.

Nice playing.
Fave since I was a kid in the Fifties. Lovely rendition. I enjoyed it!
Very nice! Good arrangement and execution.
I really enjoyed this. Great playing!
Wow very nice indeed.

I loved the intro as well as the rest of the piece, good sound.

Yes it's always food to look back and see how far you've progressed in a few months from now.

What book is this arrangement from?

Thanks for sharing!
Thank you everyone for your very positive feedback!

Olarte, I downloaded a tab for it ages ago and have just had a look for it but it seems to have been deleted. I am sure I have a copy saved somewhere. Send me a PM with your email if you would like me to send you a copy.

I had a good Christmas thanks Leroy, I hope you are well!
Can I have a copy too please, I learned it from a Youtube vid, and keep having to find it again when I've forgotton the tune.

This tutorial, which is little more than him playing it slowly, is excellent. He plays it well. And chords are in the write-up. Good tune. I like your video, too, original poster.
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Very nicely played - and a lovely sounding uke, too. I have recently included a TAB of this in our latest Uke Group Songbook ...... not sure it will sound as good as yours tho!! I would also love to have a copy, if possible. I will pm you my email address


Hi folks a copy of the tab hopefully (providing I can find it) on the way to everyone who PM'd me their email address. Leroy can you PM me yours as I seem to have lost it from previous correspondence.

coolkayaker, I'd not seen this before, but it is almost exactly the same chords and melody notes that I use only Ukulelezaza (Remco, from Belgium) plays it way better than I do, still he has been playing for many years and is one of my favourite players!
Many thanks, John - I received the Tab this morning! :) It is a better version than the one I already have.

I love watching Ukulelezaza & his uke work! His 'slow' version of the Formby Practise piece is just terrific & eventually I will get it worked out from his rendition as he uses 'easy chords' not heaps of barr chords!



email sent with a couple of other tabs! :D
Beautiful...enjoyed that and great uke too!