UU Podcast Music Snobbery & Elitism (ft Magic Mike) | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #84

Birthday Boys, Playing in the Right Key, and Hot Sheet Music Takes​

We're making Magic Mike work on his own Birthday. Mike is back to share what instrumentals he thinks should be translated to ukulele, if you need to play in the original key, and if it's wrong to play with sheet music. Arguing against him (not really), Aldrine shares what songs he wants to see on the uke, why ukulele players change the keys of songs, and his personal Music Elitism take. We also get recommendations for Cheaper U-Basses, tips for figuring out songs by ear, the secret to memorizing music, and more.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:21 Birthday Party Podcast

8:35 What is an Instrumental Song that should be on Ukulele?

9:10 Mike First and Second Choice

11:35 Aldrine's First Choice

13:25 Aldrine's Second and Third Choice

15:05 Mike Third Choice

20:50 What Bass Instrumental Songs Should be on Ukulele?

22:00 Being Inspired by Bassist and Guitarist

27:50 People's problem with technical music

31:20 Do you need to play a song in the original key?

33:50 Learn to play every song in every key

35:40 Music Snobbery with Keys

37:50 Aldrine's Music Elitism Take

42:35 Mike's defending his side

47:55 Making a better show for the Audience

50:10 300 Dollar U-Bass Recommendations

51:15 Cheaper Starter Instruments

53:50 Using Octave pedals for Bass

56:20 Tips for figuring out songs

1:02:25 Relative Pitch vs Perfect Pitch

1:04:15 Video Game Songs on UU+

1:06:10 How important is Song Preparation

1:08:10 Memorizing Songs

1:10:50 Nerves before a show

1:13:25 How has Mike's Birthday been?

1:16:15 How was Aldrine's Birthday?

1:20:00 Washington Tour Dates

1:23:35 Live Aloha is the best Hawaiian Culture Festival

1:27:40 Last Minute Food Takes

Website - Edmonds Parks (Workshop & Concert on September 7th)
Website - Oceana Ukuleles (Concert on September 8th)
Website - Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival (Workshops on 9th, Concert on 10th)
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