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Feb 18, 2008
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Ogden UT
First off: If this is considered spam please feel free to remove it. This is regarding a CD release of ukulele music. :spam:

Hey everyone. I decided to take some of my originals and put them on an album for sale from my website. The CD is entitled "Gluttony, Alcohol, Misogyny, Ukulele". So obviously it has some adult themes. But if you've ever watched my youtube channel you probably already assumed that.

1: Bacon and Eggs
2. Ecstasy
3. Take Me Away
4. The G Is O
5. Try Something New
6. The Phone Call
7. Three Fifths
8. How You Feel
9. Man of the Year

Here's the link.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you're all well!

That's pretty expensive. Can I pay you in installments?
800 hourly installments of 1 cent should do nicely
8 bucks is pretty cheap, that's less than what you'd normally pay downloading an album online. I'll look into it, and I'll seriously consider this album.
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