My latest pair of mahogany sopranos


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Mar 10, 2009
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Stockton on Tees..North East UK.
Style "1" with 12 fret ebony fretboard ..and a Style "0" with a 17 fret rosewood fretboard :)
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Thanks for the photos are showing - photobucket has disabled linking (on free accounts), see:

Have you listed them for sale yet? I dont see any here:
the Style "1" has been sold ..and I just listed the 17 fret job.;) I've just realised that all my pics going back years have all gone from public viewing :( well! at least I can still look at e'm.
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Here it is again ..I hope..according to the website this pic was taken 1st of Jan 2003 .. so now I can do time travel ;)

Those look great Ken!

Time travel - I like that :)

That date is maybe from the camera with whatever the camera's internal clock is set to, and that info gets saved into the picture file on disc, and is called EXIF.

If the battery in the camera had gone totally flat, and/or the date got reset, it starts from a default, maybe the year when the microchip inside the camera was made - like after a mains power failure the flashing "12:00" on ye olde VCR...

Wish I had the cash, that 17-fret model looks wonderful....:drool:
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