My latest project


Dec 13, 2019
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I started building ukes from old gas cans, cigar boxes and all manner of garbage, but do mostly wooden things now. I am very much an amateur, but I am addicted to always having something going. Have even started building mandolinettos which are a hoot. Anyhow, this is my almost complete project. The finish needs a bit of work, the saddle is a mockup, but it is playing.

I ran across a picture of an old LaPrevotte guitar a couple years ago and was fascinated. It was a shape that was somber and made me a bit sad. That was my inspiration. Anyways, just wanted to share.

I could've worked around the whorl in the cedar top, but decided to embrace it. Cherry back and sides from an old mantle and wenge bridge, fb and overlay.
It looks surprised!

I'm a fan of embracing "defects" in wood like that.

I like the way the concave curve on the bridge echos the curve on the bottom of the fretboard, and I like the orientation of the grain on the back, so it forms a vee shape down the middle.
Very nice. The whole instrument has a "flow" to it.
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