My new uke is here!!!

mani saguana

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Sep 21, 2008
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San jose, CA
Ha I just got the cedar kala I ordered from mgm.
well I actually got it an hour ago but I was too busy playing it to go on UU.

I just learned my first song
Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley
pretty easy
good song though

Any song suggestions for a beginner?
go to youtube and I think there is a tutorial for White Sandy Beach of Hawaii. Good song, easy to learn. Lets see some pics of that pupppy!
Thanks I'll try that next.
I just learned santeria by sublime
sort of
ha it still needs some work
but I'll try to get some pictures up asap
maybe even some videos?
Check the Tabs Listing, you may find something you're familiar with.
aw I got my first little dent already!!
I havent even had this for a whole day yet.
ha oh well
you cant really see it unless your looking for it but its still disapointing.
my ukulele isnt perfect anymore
Don't sweat a little ding. I got a Flea on tuesday night and within an hour I had knocked it off a table. ;) And my Kamaka has so many fingernail marks on it from practicing five-finger rolls that I've given up on trying to keep it pristine. Consider it a battle scar!


It's "character". All musical instruments sound and play better with a little bit of character on 'em.

(And if you don't believe me, go talk to Glen Hansard. :D )

for me that white sandy beach tutorial got me going! but first i just practiced strumming with the strings covered to create my onw style and flavor! one you get the strumming down then start adding chords then picking! just do yo thang! I LOVE MUSIC! haha
thats good to hear. Thats one of the best beginner tutorials on the web. Next I would try some of the original lessons here on UU. They are even better! :D just remember to practice practice practice.(broken record broken record broken record)
This thread is useless with out vids. j/k. I'd love to see how your new Kala sounds though. I hear the newer Kala's are much better than previous years.

Oh, and you can try to learn Drop Baby Drop. There are two other songs that use the same chords (Honey Baby & So Wonderful). Kill three birds with one stone ;)
I might do a video tonight while I'm at my friends house but if not I'll definitely make one tomorrow
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