My next mini bass mod.


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Sep 15, 2013
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near the Beverly Center.
My latest plans for a mini bass mod. I few months ago I was in Guitar Center in West Los Angeles and saw a re-issue Rickenbacker 325 guitar, the one John Lennon used often in the Beatles. It's unique in that it's 21" scale and 33" long, smaller than the normal 25" scale, 40" long. As soon as I saw the guitar I knew I wanted to make it into a mini bass like I did for an Epiphone Les Paul Express 22" scale guitar. The only problem was the 325 cost $3200, no way.

But yesterday after reading a post on the Talk Bass forum about knock-off basses, I decided to see if there were any made of the 325, and hey, I found one on AliExpress for $290, so I bought it. I also ordered a Rickenbacker style bass tailpiece.

I'm going to have it painted blue by Pat Wilkins, it should be ready in a few weeks. Really looking forward to this one.

Rick 325 AliExp.jpg
I look forward to seeing it. It's about the same size as my Samick short scale P bass.
Yep, that size right up my ally. You might know my mini P-bass, 24.5" scale, 31.5" long, that I had Pat Wilkins paint surf green (I added the fret markers and truss rod cover), looks a lot like a Samick.

Small P-bass done 600.jpg
I colorized that black 325 photo with blue, looks really good. Then the other night I couldn't sleep and surfed the web finding another short scale guitar to convert to a bass, an ESP LTD F-Jr. And then came across a Chinese builder who says he can make any size bass I want so I'm contemplating having him do a small Gibson/Epiphone SG EB-0, 21" scale, 32" long 19 frets which he says will be $320 including shipping.

Rick 325 blue AliExp 700.jpg

ESP Jr.jpg

SG sub scale 700.jpg
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