My progress on the uke - u/ukudancer aka Arvin's Electric Ukulele Land (which I thought was a fun play on the Hendrix album)


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May 19, 2021
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So, I'm going to have two separate selections of my playing. My early years (2018 to 2022) & (2022 to current)

Early years

note - that I still sang on my early covers, but I had no idea what freaking key I was in...Or maybe I was using all the keys all the time.

Tbh, I didn't even know what key signatures were. I just followed the chord charts on uke sites and called it a day. I didn't really understand any bit of music theory back then.


2022 to current covers & collabs

It's just nice to have these in a playlist vs having to dig into my YT channel. Plus, anyone who stumbles onto this can see how far I've come and might find that interesting.
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Testing out a new to me camera gear while working on an arrangement for the new season.

Marin asked if I wanted to cover this song for the Seasons last week. I listened to it and thought it sounded fun, so I agreed. There were no bass or guitar tutorials online, so I basically had to go about it my own way.

She took care of the uke & the vocals while I worked on the rest of the track, including a little arranging. We took out a tricky instrumental section with a couple of walkdowns due to the time constraints, as well as the ridiculous amount of work this needed. Instead, we did a double chorus, but then I had to add a little solo (I did a little ascending walk up while kind of echoing the vocal melody).

The horns are playing a fifth up from the bass line. I think it sounds nice given that she didn't have time to record backing vocal harmonies due to the Easter weekend. I feel like it ended up as a nice compromise.

the version posted on the Seasons thread was edited in about 2.5 hours. This one is about an extra day's worth of work. They're little tweaks, but you just keep refining it until you're happy with the finished product.
Can I just say I'm a little jealous of the virtual bass / guitar / synth communities that regularly do online collaborations

I realize I do a lot of collabs with the members here in the UU community, but I'd love to tackle something on scale someday.
Been playing with my motorized camera slider a bit for the past couple of weeks, but have never actually shown it on camera.

This came up on FB marketplace and I'm pretty sure the company that made this is out of business. The app that controls it is no longer available on my play store, so I had to download an old apk file from the web.

I feel quite lucky since motorized sliders are pretty expensive even in the used market, so this was a good pickup since it was cheap and suprisingly portable.

If you watched the Brandi Carlile collab with Marin, you'll see what the video looks like. :) Anyway, I should have more musical stuff to post in a few days or so.
A lot of uke players get their inspiration from the likes of Jake, Feng E, Brittni, etc. I generally get my inspiration from guitar and keyboard players (I also watch a lot of drummers and bassists).

But this band continually inspires. Not only are they all technically fantastic, but I love their arrangements. Their guitarists' phrasing is one of my faves. This level of playing is probably the ultimate goal for me.

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