My self-published Ukulele Instrumentals book for ukulele groups and teachers


Mar 11, 2024
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Hi all,
I am a music teacher and I have written a book of original instrumental music called 'Shimmering Ukulele Instrumentals' for teachers and ukulele groups.
This is my first book, self-published.
There are twenty pieces written in notation and tab with three and four parts. They cater for a range of playing abilities and can be played by small to large ukulele groups.
The finger picking pieces range from gentle meditative melodies to jazzy little tunes.
As a teacher myself, I have aimed to make this resource as user friendly as possible, including recordings of each individual part for easy learning and printable sheet music.
You can find information, excerpts of the music and how to access the book, digital sheet music and recordings at
All the best and warm musical wishes, Yolanda
Hi Yolanda and welcome. Your new book sounds interesting. I will check it out.
Thanks Anita. You have lots of ukuleles to play the music on !
I might have a case of UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome). I wish I had the talent or skill to justify all those ukuleles, but really I just really enjoy playing ones with different sizes, wood and designs. Once I figure out what I really like I will likely sell most of them off.
Welcome and congratulations! I am enjoying the videos.
Welcome to UU, Yolanda!
I hope many people find your book inspiring.
Hi Ms Bean,
Thank you for your kind wishes. I have already had one member of UU purchase it, so that is encouraging.
I have only just in the last few weeks got the online purchase option using Stripe up and running, so now people from anywhere can buy it.
Thanks, Yolanda

Welcome! Very nice work on the music. I purchased the PDF just now, and the transaction is pending at $18.28 in US dollars. Seems like a bargain for all the material you are offering . Best wishes and best of luck with your sales.

Thanks Richard. I'm grateful that you are interested to delve into the music and I look forward to hearing how you are finding it in the future.
I have branched out into the world of YouTube !
My channel is called yolandamusic all lower case, no space

If you want to you can subscribe and share with anyone you think might like the music.

So far I've put 3 of the recordings from my book Shimmering Ukulele Instrumentals, 3 videos of live performances of music from the book and my first music video of a song I wrote for Sanctuary Community Organic Garden featuring photos from the garden.
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