My Uke Journey and Impact of in Person Lessons from an Absolute Beginner on String Instruments

My Monday lesson this week was very good reflecting back on it. We started the lesson by cleaning up the song So Many Plans by Beirut.

We ended up stopping about 3/4 of the way through as I wasn’t making any errors. My instructor then said that my strumming has gotten very good and that it looks very natural. I did not expect a compliment as this was the first one I’d heard. It also isn’t something I’ve ever really thought about or focused on while practicing. It was really great to hear and boosted my motivation even more to continue down this path. He then decided a good song to approach next is Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones (very nice jazz song!)

This was the first time I had heard this song. There were a few new chords to learn and the tempo is pretty quick. I was able to work out all of the chords but I’ll need to work on the tempo. I’ve noticed I do better with songs I’m already familiar with versus new to me songs. This weeks lesson was very good for me mentally as hearing a simple compliment really boosted my spirits and desire to keep improving.

On a side note I booted up my external hard drive from my college years as I’m trying to update my library of music. Basically downloading all of my CDs, vinyl, and digital songs and trying to put them into my iTunes library. While scrolling through the many songs on the hard drive I was happy to see I had downloaded Gently Weeps by Jake in 2007. I wonder where I would be with my skills if I had picked up the uke then and started playing instead of waiting 15 years. One can wonder.
Sorry for my lapse in posts! Life things happened since my last post but I’ve been keeping at it with my weekly ukulele lessons! There is no way I would be able to summarize all of the lessons I have missed but I can provide information on where I am now and a simple realization I had! I’m currently primarily playing chord melody now. I have learned to play the new (weird to say) Beatles song in chord melody along with Vivaldi’s Winter 2nd Movement, Spanish Romance, Greensleeves, and several other classical songs. As for the realization, being consistent with your playing/practicing is really the best way to improve! Sorry this is brief but I’ll try to come back and post a more lengthy update when possible!

Also check out Uke Heads releasing on 2/16! I played on the album along with James Hill and 165 other Uke Heads! I think you will like it!
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