My Ukulele Progress - Solo cover of the 1899 Tin Pan Alley tune, "Hello My Baby"


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Jul 25, 2022
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Canton, GA
The uke is a Donner DUS-1 Concert (retail price of US$67.99) on loan through tomorrow from the nearest branch of our regional lending library. All mistakes are mine. None are attributable to the perceived poor quality of the inexpensive instrument nor (because I'm seated in my car) to the lack of a strap. This is my attempt to pay homage to Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoonist Chuck Jones's wonderfully animated amphibian crooner Michigan J. Frog, the sporadic-baritone star of the 1955 cartoon short, "One Froggy Evening". Much the same as the singing frog, my singing mercifully stops when the band starts up, then finally stops abruptly and reverts to the universal native language of the order Anura: Rrrribit!

[Filmed on location in the parking lot (car park) of the same library from which I borrowed the uke. No amphibians were harmed during filming.]
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I'm smiling because I liked it. I replayed it. I'm still smiling.
Very nicely done, Oldscruggsfan! Your car makes a pretty darn nice studio, I'd say!
Thanks, Bill. I'm now working on Sweet Georgia Brown (also Key of F which is probably no surprise to anyone except me) with a bit of up-the-neck picking to spice things up. I'd love to cover the 1983 Mel Brooks/ Anne Bancroft version but I have no confidence in my ability to pronounce the Polish lyrics. My car (odometer soon to hit 300K) indeed works well. Its center console is, I've recently learned, a great smart phone platform but the major, uncontrollable variable is outside temp / humidity. Not so great today when temp is projected to hit 76F with afternoon thunderstorms:eek:.
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