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My mom usta have lamb — mostly chops, but I haven’t had any since I left home. That was a long time ago.

My neighbor and I (no women) had dinner with some Turks that we knew in Turkey. It was lamb, but I really don’t remember much about it.

That’s my experience with lamb.
in my area butter and ghee cost about the same
Well then. Yeah, why would you bother?! Ghee is a fashionable thing, and I don't live near any Indian food supply stores, so it's worth the effort for us (I went through a dairy free phase and used ghee instead of butter because it was just the fat, no sugars or proteins to react to).
My husband loves lamb. For several years he was a war correspondent in the Middle East. One day he went to a butcher’s stall in a marketplace and asked for a cut of lamb. The butcher called into a back room, someone brought out a live lamb in his arms, and in a matter of seconds slit its throat, skinned and gutted it and handed it to butcher, who produced the desired cut.

No my husband didn’t become a vegetarian, and he still eats lamb. But he’s never forgotten that scene, and he’s always mindful of where his meat comes from (I’m thinking, “Little lamb, who made thee?”). Did that lamb in the Middle Eastern market have a worse life and death than the ones we see in the grocery store? I don’t know.

I don’t like lamb myself—tastes too gamy. I feel the same about pheasant, duck, and venison.
Doesn't quite match up with my thoughts of the Mary had A little Lamb nursery rhyme. That's what I think of when Lamb is mentioned. LOL
Doesn't quite match up with my thoughts of the Mary had A little Lamb nursery rhyme. That's what I think of when Lamb is mentioned. LOL
Anybody remember Sheri Lewis and her puppet, "Lamb Chop"? I always thought it was a cute name until I realized that you cook and eat lamb chops.
Mmmm... lamb chops. I'm going to the butchers tomorrow.
This is the song that never ends...
and it goes on and on again!
Somebody started singing
didn't know what it was...
Now it goes on forever
and forever just because...

(repeat, ad infinitum)
I need to make this quick because I need to take a 90 minute power-nap before I bathe and scrape my straight razor across my face for work.

The prognostication for work today is banefully busy. I accordingly fortified myself with a double dose of my lamb steaks which, by the way, emanate from the spinal region of the lamb because each steak has a crucifix-shaped bone in its midst (spinal column crossing the rib?). I fried the steaks just a tad leaving the meat cherry-red and I topped it with salt, baharat, and mint. I also had two eggs with tarragon and tomatillo sauce.

I have retained all the bones and I am going to use them to make a brown stock. Then I am going to use to brown stock to make my traditional pot of pork and beans with 2 cups of dry beans, 3 strips of bacon, and half a brick of salt pork. At the moment I cannot conceive of anything that sounds more appealing.

This weekend I am going to grill for the last time this year. I can only grill during the summer when our swamp cooler is on. Otherwise the house gets inundated with smoke. I will grill 10 lbs of chicken quarters marinated in an Hawaiian sweet and sour sauce. I normally don't buy sauces but these were discontinued and dirt cheap.

I have been musically entertaining myself with combining the Hungarian Minor scale and the Arabian riff in the foreground whilst still conceptualizing the entire fretboard in E minor pentatonic. And I am using the pentatonic notes as fills and divertimenti from the main strain of melody.
… my traditional pot of pork and beans with 2 cups of dry beans, 3 strips of bacon, and half a brick of salt pork. At the moment I cannot conceive of anything that sounds more appealing
Me neither! Just about my favorite dinner, with a warm slab of cornbread on the side. I usually use smoked ham hocks.
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But as a vegetarian, appalling.
I know. I'm a bit of a switch-hitter. I was strict vegan for a decade--not because I care about anything or have ethics, but because I liked the stricture and the challenge. In fact, I made some vegans very angry because I told them I was a vegan because it was fun. They blew up because for them it was a matter of suffering for a cause. But there is no need to suffer if you're smart. The problem with veganism is that it is about what you don't eat whereas health is about what you do eat. And many vegans are unhealthy eating all these processed foods which are about as healthy as hot dogs. I always ate whole foods as a vegan.

Now I'm just playing around with a different vibe. I still stick to whole foods but it is more fresh meat and eggs. My usual rule is to eat as much as possible foods that don't have ingredients. For example a potato which doesn't have a list of ingredients versus a bag of frozen hash browns that has a ton of ingredients. Obviously the bacon is an exception to that. I only use it because it is part of a traditional recipe for making traditional beans.

Speaking of following different vibes, I have been thinking of switching my happy place from the key of E to the key of G because I watched some guitar videos and they do this thing where they constantly strike the low E string and then play in E. For the uke that would entail using the open G string and then playing in G. As it is, the open G is the b3 of E. I could do it but I don't know if it would have the same feel since G isn't the tonic.
I've taken a shine to E much, but adore G!

Welcome home...
At this point, all my inner-conflicts are philosophical. We all know that music is math and intervals are intervals regardless of the key. But the mere idea of playing in a standard key makes me cringe. I love E with its 4 sharps whereas G only has one. When writing things down I love making that sharp symbol. But I know Keith Richards uses open G as does one of my favorite slide guitarists, Justin Johnson. So G does have a lot going for it, but I have to come to terms with it in my mind.
Since 1985 I have never received a ticket or had an accident. That just changed.

I have some empathy with people who bend the rules and who run through an intersection just as the light turns red. But I experienced something that was absolutely criminal. I was traveling south on 2nd street and I could see that the light for my intersection was green from two blocks away. I made my turn and someone brazenly ran her stale red light with forethought. Luckily she struck my jeep at the front. I spun around and my bumper is mangled, but I was able to drive away after the accident whereas the criminal's car had to be towed. The young woman who did this crime was not prepossessing. She had cankles and legs with no definition which are red flags in my book. Her excuse was that she was in a hurry to get home. I didn't ask her what in her anonymous life was so important that she almost killed me as I was working one of two jobs to support my disabled wife (and finance my baritone!).

The worst part was waiting two hours for the police to arrive so that I could get a police report with which to supply my insurance company. The criminal's insurance company has already left a message on my phone but I haven't returned the call because they are essentially lawyers who want to trick me. So on Monday I will call my insurance company to see what they advise. All I want is my jeep fixed--assuming that there isn't some structural damage of which I am unaware since I am not a mechanic.

But enough about that.

Remember when you were young and you had to have something and that certain something was exciting? Those days are gone for me. I woke up and realized that I didn't have mirepoix in the house. I had to throw on a sportscoat and tie and jump into my battered jeep and procure some celery and carrots.

I threw my lamb bones and a chicken carcass into my pot and burnt them in some palm oil. I de-glazed and added the mirepoix and water. I am now pressure cooking that. I am going to use that liquid to make my beans.

I am also marinading ten pounds of chicken quarters which I bought for less than $10. I am marinading it in some Hawaiian sweet and sour sauce which had been discontinued at my market and which was priced to move off the shelf. I don't usually buy products like that but it was cheap and I thought I'd try something different for my wife's protein. My wife has requested that I separate the thighs from the drumsticks...purportedly for ease of handling. My wife is many wonderful things, but conniving isn't one of them. I can see through her pellucid plot. She just wants to eat all the thighs, the best part of a chicken, and leave the drumsticks for me. Even though I am perspicacious I will say nothing. She has earned those thighs through 30 years of connubial companionship; I just wish she had been forthright in her motivation.
Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you’re okay. I hope it doesn’t cost you anything. That might interfere with your Baritone purchase.
Ditto, Ron. So glad that you’re OK. Life can change forever in an instant, and if that idiot had done things just fractionally differently, she might’ve wrecked you instead of your bumper.
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