For Sale Mya-Moe Banjolele, Tenor, Walnut

CONUS Included. Buyer pays for Overseas shipping.
Seattle, WA, USA


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Oct 31, 2021
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At the peak UAS (has it really subsided, or just changed forms?), as I was trying to get my hands on every new sound, I came across this beautiful and unique banjolele here on the Marketplace. I loved it enough, that I sprang for the shipping to get it from Australia. (Original post below. Much of this info will be 'borrowed' from there).
This banjolele has a great tone with a solid build, as you can imagine, coming from the hands of Aaron, Gordon, and Char. My uke playing has become more focused, after my initial madness. Now I mainly pick up my tenor or sometimes a soprano and even less often a concert, these days. This poor beautiful banjolele has been in a case, downstairs! Time to bring it up and play it a bit while I wait for the right buyer to DM and make it theirs. (is it you 😉?!). Happy hunting, folks!

  • Made by Aaron Keim, and Gordon and Char Mayer.
  • The pot is made of walnut with maple edging
  • Walnut neck and a radiused flamed birdseye maple fretboard with walnut binding.
  • It has Mya-Moe’s signature headplate also in walnut and maple
  • The fretboard has a green leaf inlay to signify that all the timber is sustainably sourced in the USA.
As I purchased used plus paid shipping, I'm just looking to get back the uke price of $1300... I'll cover shipping to CONUS.

pics to be edited
Looking forward to those pics!

Aha! Thanks for the nudge. I I obviously haven't been in a rush. * le sigh. And I was wondering why I was getting no bites 🤣

I'll post up some pics, but this will likely be on hold til I get back from my trip in May.
I photographed back on the same day, just failed to upload!



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Beautiful banjolele. MyaMoe makes terrific, instruments, both past and present owner/luthiers.

How does the K&K passive pickup sound? Did you have to mute the top to keep from overloading it?
Thanks and great question! I actually hadn't plugged in until just now, to answer your question. 😅
I'll let the man himself provide the best answer below.

I tried this today and confirmed that it sounds great with the foam placed where Aaron suggests. I don't think it's necessarily keeping it from overloading, but just dampening a bit for a cleaner sound.

FYI, I'm outa town for the next couple months starting tomorrow (3/26), so I'm switching this thread to "No Longer Available."
It will be back on the market in late May. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions and I'll do the best I can to answer while I'm on the road.

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