Mya-Moe Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle Concert Resonator #421

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Oct 6, 2010
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Honolulu, HI, USA
Mya-Moe Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle Concert Resonator #421 (Reduced)


I've started this post a couple times, and stopped myself, but I really do need to do this. :(

Mya-Moe #421, a absolutely gorgeous looking and sounding Concert Resonator.

Master Grade wood upgrade, Chocolate Heart Myrtle.
Ebony bindings
Peghead Tuners
Oil Finish
Biscuit Bridge pickup
High Contrast headstock

Ordered new this would cost over $1800 plus shipping, and you'd have to wait months and months on the waiting list.

Available now, free basic shipping to the lower 48, talk to me about shipping if you want it faster or outside the lower 48.

$1300 OR BEST OFFER Part-trades will be considered.

More pictures here: Mya-Moe #421

Sound sample of Aaron Keim playing it just before they shipped it out to me: Cripple Creek
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Very nice - MOAR PICS! :D
If the pics from the Mya-Moe gallery aren't enough, you have to tell me exactly what you want to see. :)
Hmm, that's about £990, and shipping to the Uk would be about £50 methinks.

If it was a tenor I'd be snapping your arm off for it. I'll have a think.
I am curious how these sound strummed , is there a video out somewhere where i could hear it ?
Oh Jeff. Oooooo la la! That was awesome. Nice shirt.
Thanks Dana, but that isn't me. It was a vid that helped me when I decided to buy my MM reso. He's got some other good vids of him playing his reso. I like his style.
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