UU Podcast Name that Quote: Jake or Jacob Collier | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #118

Content Warning: If you’re Sensitive to Mouth Sounds or Eating, you may want to stop watching after 37:10

With Kyle back on the podcast, the guys are trying a new Ukulele Challenge, Name that Quote: Jake or Jac-Ob. Kahai is challenging Aldrine and Kyle to guess whether Jake Shimabukuro or Jacob Collier is the source for different Quotes. This leads the guys into discussing what Music Quotes have stuck with them through the years, and what Lyrics just won’t leave their heads. A viewer asks where they can start learning Ukulele, so the team gives their suggestions for beginner songs. A UU+ Member asks about how they can move forward in their music journey? The latter half of the podcast, the guys are doing a Hot Sauce Taste Test. Aldrine gives advice on how to transition from chords to fingerstyle, and Kyle gives his best advice for anybody looking to improve.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:54 Kyle is back
3:35 New Challenge: Jake or Jac-ob
8:10 1st Quote
10:15 2nd Quote
11:30 3rd Quote
12:20 4th Quote
13:20 5th Quote
14:10 Bonus Quote
16:00 Are there any Music Quotes that have stuck with you?
19:45 Are there Lyrics that have stuck with you?
21:35 What Song Lyrics can you recall even if you haven’t sung it in a while?
23:15 Remembering the Cover Versions
25:45 What songs should beginners start with?
28:20 What was the first song Kyle learned?
29:40 Getting Unstuck
37:10 Trying Fisher’s Popcorn
39:20 Hot Sauce Taste Test
44:15 Learning Ukulele in Hawaii
45:30 What does Kyle Prefer: Guitar or Ukulele?
47:15 Blue Crab Salsa
49:00 Favorite Italian Foods?
51:30 Keeping an Ukulele Group Encouraged
54:15 The Last Dab
55:30 How can I transition from chords to fingerstyle?
58:40 Why you should know inversions
1:00:50 Fingerpicking Form
1:04:05 Aldrine’s Homemade Bread
1:06:05 Kyle’s best advice
1:08:00 Accents

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