Nba finals!!!1

Kobe vs King James in the finals? NBA... where amazing happens. Woah wait? Are there tabs for that song here? Seriously. Anyone ever heard of someone playing Everyday by Carly Comando? That song sounds amazing on a guitar.
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Bring on the chosen one! But before that, we just need Bynum to work out the kinks and dominate again.
Bulls in another double OT. I'm having a heart attack.
What a matchup. I hope it happens. Kobe vs. Lebron...
Bulls win another barn burner. Triple OT! GO BULLS!
Bulls in another double OT. I'm having a heart attack.

Hahaha, I thought you would have one of em mastive attacks. Noah and Rose made some killer defensive plays at the end. When the game was getting to the line, i was just wondering how high your blood pressure was.
That was a legendary game. Noah's interview after the game, with the scream howl thing... hahaha
WHat was with yao ming barely getting hit in the knee and being dragged off the court? Did he think this was soccer?
He had surgery on the same knee before. I forgot what its called but when the bone under the knee is really tender. Oh well, rocking Houston tonight!
LA-1, Denver-0....Cavs play tonight, looking forward to this game. I wonder how Orlando is going to do. Cavs are beasting. You can do it Orlando.
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