NBD: New Bouzouki Day


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Jun 18, 2021
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Kent Island MD
I ordered an Irish Bouzouki from Romania that arrived in only 11 days! Fit and finish are pretty good, could use some “set up” , which will be easy as it has a “floating bridge”. Solid spruce top, maple sides, and solid maple back and neck. Fretboard is acacia. Sounds really good, with a kinda banjo ring to it. I have tuned it GDAE as I like the chord shapes better than the more traditional Irish tuning of GDAD. Going to be a challenge and fun to learn a new set of chords…4AB90998-2CE1-45A1-A6B8-14C0B70FC091.jpeg
New Bouzouki Day, which IS a Big Deal, rather than the "no big deal" that I'd been assuming. :ROFLMAO:

And what a gorgeous instrument! Would love to hear you play it when you get a chance!
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Very cool. I see you have unison courses rather than octaves on the 3rd and 4th courses.

In the mid-nineties I was playing a lot of Irish music and had a desire to use my mandolin chops on a lower pitched instrument. I saw a bouzouki advertised in Greek Town in Toronto, so Maggie and I drove down and knocked on the door of the apartment. The seller was an older Greek gent who lived there with his father. They made us a cup of coffee and we sat around playing the bouzouki. I was all ready to give him the $250 he was asking when Maggie said, "Let's think about it a bit." We went for a walk and she pointed out the poor quality of the instrument and its sloppy repairs, so I headed home very disappointed.
For my next birthday Maggie gave me an octave mandolin. She had it delivered to the school where she taught and had already broken a string before my birthday. It's not a high end instrument, but I love it. When I realised that those chop chords like the 7523 G chord that are quite playable on the standard mandolin become quite impossible on an octave mandolin, I started tuning it bouzouki style GDAD.
Thanks Maggie, for talking me out of an inferior instrument and for getting me my OM.
Unison tuning on the lower courses is supposedly “Irish” style, with the octave tuning “Greek”. I’ve seen both on Irish Bouzoukis so who knows. Personally, I would prefer octave tuning…
I can always change it when I next install new strings.
Congrats on your new bouzouki! It looks pretty.
Thank you. It’s a blast to play and stays in tune remarkably well. I always tune my instruments right before I play and the bouzouki is rarely a little out on a string or two…
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