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Sep 16, 2009
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I just restrung my Big Island tenor with a set of Kala Red strings. The C and E strings are wound. After putting them on, tuning it and strumming some I noticed it seemed some quieter than it did with the old strings. No idea what they were, but they were somewhat quiet also. I have a set of Worth clears. Will these brighten the sound or should I look at some others? Thanks
Can't believe someone hasn't jumped in already to answer a STRING THREAD! :)

Yes, the Worths ought to do it.
I'd highly recommend Martin fluorocarbons as well.
+1 for Worth Clears and Oasis Brights. Living Water strings are my favourite, but they're not quite as bright.
I think the Worth Clears and Oasis brights are good choices. I think the Oasis is a little bit brighter than the Worth Clears. Guess it depends on what you are looking for. I prefer the Worth CT's because the C strings have a bit more bass (imo) and that the strings aren't as bright. Worth strings are a little bit thicker than the oasis as well.

Another set of strings to consider are the Uke logics. Those are the strings that I am using for most of my ukes. I think they are a little bit in between the Worth Clear and Oasis Brights as far as brightness.
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I have recently become a convert to Living Water strings, although they're a small UK operation and I'm not sure what postage to the States would cost.
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