Needing to know which Uke I should Get:)


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May 17, 2009
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Albuquerque ,New Mexico
Just yesterday My kala super soprano was laid to rest so I am thinkin of what uke to get to replace it I am looking for a used or new.Which Should I get Bushman Jenny or Mainland?:confused:

TY UU for showing me the beauty of the ukulele

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MAINLAND, mike is a great guy to deal with, i have had no experience with them but have only heard the greatest things about them, hoping to get a tenor with a mi-si in the near future, and as far as bushman they have not gotten the best reviews on quality or customer service know I'm voting for Mainland. I own two of them now, and I can't say enough good things about them. And Mike is a great guy to deal with. Based on UKISOCIETY's latest comparison...I would recommend you take a look into the mangos.
another +1 for mainland. Bushman has had some unhappy customers around these parts. My mainland should be here monday and I'm going nuts waiting.
If you are not a fan of the cedar and thinking about getting the Jenny, get the Solid Mahogany Mainland. You will love it.
If it's possible, try to get your hands on each one - play each for yourself and...yeah. Have fun with it, ya know? :D

Me personally, I haven't played either of the two and I've only heard what they sound like via YouTube. Solely off looks though, I would go with the Bushman Jenny. (I'm personally not a fan of the outlining on the Mainland Ukes)
Got sat on

Save the pieces to make yourself a cigar box 'ukulele! ;)

My vote is Mainland too, I LOVE my cedar/rosewood pineapple and Mike is just a hell of a nice guy to deal with.
No question Mainland. I posed the same question back in Sept and had spent a couple months researcheing both. Just last Friday I received my brand new Mainland Mahogony Concert.

Here is the thread (I think from my post):

Also, just search bushman and mainland and you will see the scales definitely tip towards mainland. Customer service and satisfication between the two don't even seem to compare. The only thing that slowed my initital decision was the rope binding - but I have since become a convert - ot looks awesome and adds to the style of the uke. I bought directly from Mainland and Mike was super helpful from the very first contact.

So just to clarify my vote is Mainland, Mainland, Mainland...
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