New Uke Day (NUD) New 2024 Edition - KoAloha Pikake Tenor -- Father's Day Gift :-)

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May 31, 2024
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So my wife and kids wanted to give me a Father's Day Present. I told them they didn't have to since I'm already very blessed for being a Dad and husband.

But then my wife said I could get another uke (within reason) if I wanted to. After thinking about it for a millisecond I acquiesced and said ok, and thank you so much!.. lol.

My 2024 KoAloha Pikake Tenor arrived yesterday. This is my second Pikake. There's something about the Pikakes that draws me, not exactly sure what it is, maybe it's the beautiful satin finish.

I love the Koa on this Pikake, I don't believe the pics does justice. I love the way how the light plays with the color of the hues on the grain where I get a slightly bluish or purple-ish hue when I expose it to certain lighting. My family even noticed it.

The sound? The KoAloha sound is unmistakable. A lot of depth, powerful and projecting warm sound. In violin parlance, the sound is! I love it!

Kudos to KoAloha for this beautiful uke!


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Congratulations! I own two KTM-10 RP’s one in koa and one in mango. They are sweet! 💕👍
That’s a dream uke for me but way outside my budget. She knocked I out the park with that gift! Congrats mate! And Happy Early Fathers Day to you!
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