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Nov 17, 2022
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I have played the uke for many years and have been building them (alternative types) for 6+ years. I look forward to participating in this BIG online uke community. For anyone also interested in a more niche community, I administer an active group on Facebook called "Alternative Ukulele Builders," with over a thousand members worldwide, people who build non-standard ukes of various types, from the weird to the seriously avant garde, and also people who simply have an interest in this area.
Welcome to the UU Forum David. I'll have to look at your AUB group on FB. Though I'm not a builder, I admire unique designs.
Welcome!! Hope to see some pictures.
Very cool! Too bad I'm not on FB, that sounds intriguing. Welcome to UU!
Well, FB can sure be a time-waster, but it works for different types of communication among people all over the world, so I like it for that. I have a blog with some interesting propaganda and historical info on the topic of alternative ukuleles. Of interest to players and maybe collectors.
Welcome to UU, David!
I'm not on FB, so I'm glad you found this place to share the information of unconventional ukes.
Thanks for the link. Cool blog. You probably know about Shawn Yacavone at Ukulele Friend.
He has a museum and shows many historic instruments on his site. As well as offering some very, very nice high end ukuleles for sale.

I think my all-time favorite alt Uke would have to be the Aero Uke. What a crazy, but very cool, idea for a ukulele. I guess they never really took off. (Ouch! Bad pun.)
Welcome! I will enjoy reading your blog.
Hello and welcome!
Welcome David, sounds like you have a real talent for building ukes.
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