New Baritone Saddle Macgyvered Out Of Tusq XL Nut Blank


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May 23, 2015
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Cornwall UK
I made a new saddle for my Kala Kala KA-SMHB baritone out of a Tusq XL nut blank. The uke comes with an ebony saddle (and nut) fitted as standard and it's fine - I think it adds to the overall warm tone of the instrument. But I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I could squeeze out a little extra clarity, especially with fluorocarbon strings installed.

I chose Tusq XL because it comes in black and I wanted to colour match the nut. The exact part number of the piece I used is PT-4125-00 (63.50mm x 3.17mm x 7.92mm). It just needed a little trimmed off the length and then I sanded it down to size. The whole job took about twenty minutes.

I'm pleased to report that it was totally worth doing IMHO :) The uke sounds even better than before. There is improved clarity and separation and the strings just ring and ring.

Something I noticed before was that my Snark was having trouble 'finding' the tuning of strings up the neck. Previously, if I tested the tuning at, say, the fifth fret, the Snark would be sluggish and waver around, seemingly unable to settle on an exact measurement. This issue has now disappeared :)
It is always nice when an experiment works out as you hoped for. Good stuff
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