New Bender Mods.


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Mar 10, 2009
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Stockton on Tees..North East UK.
Just a Quick Look at the modifications I made to my new soprano bender … A variable heat control fitted with a thermometer on the mould heater assembly and a push button starter in line with a relay….I seems to work fine ,so I’ll try it out on a couple of sides tomorrow And report back. :)

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Looks like a nice setup, Ken. I never used bulbs, but use silicone heating blankets which could benefit from similar modifications. The vendor I've used offers blankets with a dial thermostat, or digital controls which they claim are more responsive. I'm weighing a new digital control blanket vs trying to add one to an existing blanket, and leaning toward ordering one -

I also noticed Stewmac has their own take on a Fox-style side bender in the works, with bells and whistles sure to make the price eye-watering. Their configurable waist profile thing is interesting, and I could see building one of those at some point but I've had few problems with my current "fixed" waist clamp setup. Check out
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