For Sale New "Chunky Pineapple" tenor ukulele from Dave's Extravagant Ukuleles.

Free to US lower 48
Michigan, USA
Approx. 26" x 2.25" x 9"
Nov 17, 2022
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I build only alternative ukuleles (ukes that do not look like miniature guitars) using 100% reclaimed wood. Most of my instruments are completely original designs, but this one is a variation on the classic Pineapple ukulele, which I guess is the grandfather of all alt ukes. The body and neck of the uke are made of with Black Walnut, the fret baord and bridge of Cherry, and the top is a nice piece of Spalted Maple. The uke has good volume and a nice bright tone. Pineapple UU.jpg


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Howdy David,

Just a friendly heads up about a recent rule we've added for posting to the Marketplace:

To confirm that you own the ukulele(s) that you are listing, we require that at least one photograph in each listing include a handwritten proof of possession with your forum member name, the date, and either "UU" or "Ukulele Underground."

The link above also includes some example photos if you have any questions about what we mean. Please also feel free to ask if there's anything we can do to help!

We do understand that this is a little unusual in that you're also the builder, but some folks have gotten in touch with us to request the ID photo, so we're passing that along. :)

GORGEOUS instrument, btw! I truly adore maple tops, and this sounds amazing too! GLWS!

Cool! Unique looking tenor pineapple! Would love to see more photos especially of the black walnut body. Also what is the nut width?.
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