New (old) Banjo Uke Day! My May Bell collection gets bigger...


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Aug 11, 2010
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Cloverdale California
Well, rounding out the collection, saw a May Bell BU on line that called to me. It was my Birthday, and my last Birthday present to me was a May Bell- might as well have another.
Here is the thing- they are IDENTICAL, both Walnut Model 24's, but one has a flat back resonator and one does not- fortunately hey sound different or the wife would KILL me.
SO then I am looking around and see this poor old tenor banjo just waiting for someone to bid on it. At $100, I could not her, strung her up with Southcoast linears and got myself a Baritone Banjo Uke...a really old one. She plays like a dream, is loud as heck and fun (I really like the Bari scale the best). She was re-done poorly at some point, but I am stoked, warts and all. Who cares about a little saggy lacquer?
Now, if only someone would come up with a May Bell Outfit 30- then I think I will be done.
You dog you! I would love to have one of those old Maybells. Just not in the budget. Did you put nylon strings on that tenor? My mother in law has an old Bacon tenor that she tuned to baritone tuning but with steel strings. She doesn't play it much.
Yep- it is tuned with monofilament Strings from Southcoast- sounds great and they drive the head for strumming. The standard Bari tuning is called "Chicago tuning" by four string players, but mine is Gcea. It is weird, but it fits what I want to play for now.
That Bacon is a nice banjo I am sure- maybe you ought to take a few laps with it, they are fun!
I am thinking four May Bells is my wifes limit, but we will see- my favorite one is not shown here, Model 20 I got from Jnobianchi and it is such a sweet little player. Talked Eugene into buying one this week and I can't wait to see what he does with it. They are a lot of fun for little money (if you aren't scared to set them up)
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