New...Outdoor banjolele, has anyone tried them out?


Feb 2, 2015
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New Mexico, USA
I just noticed that Outdoor Ukulele has a new model, the Outdoor banjolele... big Remo head and several colors. Does anyone on UU have one, and would be willing to share their impressions? They look sharp!
You could just order one, and see how you like it.
Or maybe Baz will review one someday.
I have on. It is a different experience to play. Really loud not quite a full jangle banjo uke sound. It’s different, but I like it. In YouTube do a search and there are several videos.
One guy in my Uke Group has one and really likes it. I have played it a bit and it is punchy. I agree it is not quite banjo like but pretty close. I would consider getting one.
Thank you Nickie, RLM3121, and Osprey,
I believe I got a handle on the least I think I do. Don't know why I didn't look at You Tube from the beginning. I rather like them!
I got to play one at a jam at Groth music in the Minneapolis area last Friday. It is certainly loud, lightweight, and comfortable to hold - though I do wish it were smaller. It doesn't sound as much like a bajo uke as I expected, and not as good as my Magic Fluke Tenor Firefly banjo uke - but then the Firefly is twice the price. If you want to dabble with a banjo uke, and prefer a tenor scale, it would be very hard to beat. If I didn't already own a Firefly I would for sure be getting one.
This is the first banjoukulele that I have liked the sound of. It has food sustain and clear notes. I’m not a banjo guy and cringe when I’ve played a few but this one actually sounds good to me and if I could hold and play one, I might even consider buying one.

Not dissing the this type of instrument. It’s just not been for me. I like the couple You Tube clips The intonations seems bang on. Think I just need time with one

Thanks for posting I was not aware it existed. Just need to p,at one now to decide.
I've had one for a couple weeks. At 1st it was kind of mellow and not much pop. I adjusted the head tension quite a bit and that helped a bunch. May try some brighter strings like maybe Aquila Reds. Don't want to crank the head to far. I have a custom George tenor banjolele and it's really crisp and poppy. Didn't expect this uke to sound like a $1000 banjolele but it's getting closer and the playability on it is great!
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