For Sale New Price! Pepe Romero Creations Spalted Mango with L.R. Baggs Pickup

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Nov 9, 2019
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Aloha all,
Romero Creations Replica Spalted Mango Tenor $975.


5/15/24... I'd like to include a listing from The Ukulele Site for a Custom Pepe Romero ukulele. Discounted from $5200. tp $4500. because of a mark on the headstock.
Yes, I do realize this is really not a fair comparison between the two but check it out anyway.
Now if you can see a big difference in these two then I guess Pepe's is worth 5K. If you can't, possibly I should raise my price, lol!
Pepe's custom-made in CA. Pepe's Replica, made in Vietnam.

Hi again all.
Kimo Ukuleles just sold me a new tenor and a few ukes must be sacrificed. I hate to see this go, but I can't keep them all.
New accessories included.
In my attempt to stay continually in ukulele debt, I must release some instruments so others may have a new home ;)!
Since Replicas are 12-fret instruments, they are the perfect size for traveling.
This is my very beautiful spalted mango Replica tenor. Made in Pepe's Vietnam luthiery and sold and set up by The Ukulele Site.
The construction of this ukulele is just sublime. Gorgeous mango and jet black ebony on the fretboard, bridge, and faceplate.
Pua abalone trim that just sparkles in the right light and Goto UPT tuners.
Heavily compensated saddle with through-the-bridge stringing.
Always kept in a climate-controlled studio (non-smoking house). Always strung with Pepe Romero low G strings.
Fanatical about the care of my instruments, string changes include fretboard conditioning and nut/ tuner oiling.
Wonderful L.R. Baggs pickup system installed at TUS with a new battery.
NO marks, scratches, dings, or bug bites anywhere on the instrument. It's in pristine condition.
New Replicas in Mango now sell for $1369. and the L.R. Baggs pickup installed is $249. which is $1618., yikes!!
Shipping in CONUS is included in the price.
Ask your wife/husband for an early Father's Day/Mother's Day present! Seriously!
If you haven't played a Replica, I guarantee you will be amazed at the sound. Warm, loud, and balanced.
I'll include an Oasis Humidifier and a new set of strings.

Top: Spalted Mango Wood
Back & Sides: Spalted Mango Wood
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Binding: Ebony
Logo: Mother of pearl
Tuners: Gotoh Planetary Tuner
Nut & Saddle: Natural Cow Bone
12 Frets to the body
Strings: Pepe Romero UT2 Low G Tenor
Finish: Polyurethane Gloss

Measurements: Tenor

Total Scale Length: 17”/43.82cm
Body Length: 12”/30.48cm
Overall length: 26.75”/67.95cm
Nut Width: 1.5”/38.15mm
Saddle Width: 2.9”/73.6mm
Lower Bout Width: 9”/22.86cm
Upper Bout Width: 6.5”/16.51cm
Lower Bout Depth: 2.9”/7.366cm
Upper Bout Depth: 3”/7.62cm

String Spacing

At Nut: G to C = 10mm G to A = 30mm
At 12th Fret: G to C = 13mm G to A=38mm
At Saddle: G to C = 15mm G to A = 43mm


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Woww, that's some awesome wood! GLWTS
Lovely Romero. Big warm sound from these mango tenors. I enjoy mine.
Is the strap included? 👀
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